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Welcome to join (Yangbo Industrial Co., Ltd.) member

Welcome to join the online members of this website (including website members and online members, hereinafter referred to as "members"). You should read the following membership terms in detail. Agree to all the terms of this agreement:
1.Real obligation to guarantee information:
Members guarantee that all the information they keep online on this website is consistent with the facts, and there is no falsehood, falsification or fraudulent use of other people's information; in order to successfully complete the registration, login and other processes, the information provided by the member should be changed immediately afterwards Notify the customer service center of this website。
2.Privacy protection policy:
The member agrees that this website collects and uses the information kept by the member within the scope of the purpose of completing the registration. It also promises to follow the "Privacy Protection Policy" of this website, and will not arbitrarily sell, leak or provide third parties except for vendors and cooperating vendors that provide related goods or services to complete the transaction, and government agencies or judicial institutions according to law. Three people. The member recognizes that the personal information that the member enters after linking to the third-party or partner manufacturer’s website is not related to this website because the person who collects and uses it is not this website。
3.Data confidentiality obligation:
Members should properly keep their personal information, member passwords and account numbers, etc., to avoid leakage; they should log out immediately after completing the transaction. All behaviors of using the member account and password to enter the system are regarded as the behavior of the member holding the account and password。
4.Company website reserves the right to modify the terms of this agreement at any time:
After the modification, the agreed terms will be published on this website immediately, and users will not be notified separately. Members should agree to abide by the revised terms。


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